Pamela Peterson LicAc., DiplAc., NCCAOM

In 1998, after twelve years in the Aerospace industry, Pamela moved in the direction of her passion and obtained her diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pamela then sat for the National Boards and successfully completed the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) testing panels in order to present as a Diplomat in Acupuncture and consequently to become a Licensed Acupuncture Practitioner in the State of Colorado.

Pamela opened her practice in 1999, focusing on fine-tuning her diagnostic and treatment skills. In 2005 Pamela completed course work in BioSET™ (Allergy elimination technique) and went on to become a Premiere Advanced BioSET™ Practitioner. Pamela came to realize that many of her patients were presenting with conditions that BioSET™ didn’t address and created her own method of treatment using the IQS testing equipment. The success she has seen has been profound and deeply rewarding.

Pamela continually pursues advanced studies in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Pamela blends ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine with cutting edge modern testing techniques to treat the body as a whole and assists the body to return to a state of balance where the body resists pain and disease naturally and safely.

Pamela has lived in Colorado most of her life. She and her husband have raised their 2 children here. They now enjoy their 3 dogs and a feral cat that adopted them some years ago. They enjoy the mountains, hiking and travel. 

Pamela works every day to live a Spiritually centered life and has founded her practice on a deep commitment to provide a balanced, safe and positive experience for each patient by tailoring each treatment to the patient’s individual symptoms, life style and needs.

Our Vision at Golden Door Acupuncture, Inc. is to nurture a balanced, safe and postive healing experience by treating the whole body; being and spirit according to the individual needs of each patient.

Pamela Peterson LicAc., DiplAc., NCCAOM
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